I was first introduced to @nowheresvillesf via Cigar City by @mystaticlife Through Fecal Face I was introduced to his work… t’s rad to see people change and do different things… The piece from Paul won’t disappoint… #boxedtpa #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

Austin England’s (aka @mochelife ) piece came is this week! This isn’t it but check out his work, gonna be a fun show! #boxedtpa #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

BOXED is two weeks away and we couldn’t be happier with the art we have for the show! Here’s an older jam from @bendpress ! You may know Andy’s work from Girl Skateboards, Beautiful Losers, or Bend Press… We’re stoked he’s showing in Tampa again! Check him out! (at Workspace)

We’re honored to be showing work from @tempster_returns !!! Ed’s piece for BOXED is something special… Come check it out yourself on 9/13/14. #seminoleheights #boxedtpa  (at Workspace)

@devilswrkshop is in the BOXED too! This piece of hers will be at @thebricksybor show on 9/13/14. Her piece for our show rules! So good! #boxedtpa #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

Check out @ryankapp73 and his work. Ryan will be in our next show BOXED and kills it with his work. Pumped! #boxedtpa #seminoleheights (at Workspace)

Hope you all don’t mind us having @newbelgium on site for the BOXED show. The thirst will be quenched… See you soon @newbelgium_tampabay !  (at Workspace)

We’ll have the fine folks over at @communeandco bringing out their delicious coffee for the BOXED show! Come check them out if you haven’t already! #boxedtpa #seminoleheights #goodtimes (at Workspace)

We’re one month away!!! Yewwww! tampaworkspace.com for more info! #boxedtpa #seminoleheights

"Stay Focused" by @joshuatpearson 20"x20" Ink, Paper, Collage, on wood panel $250 local pickup/ $300 shipped in the USA #beastmode #seminoleheights

"Hands On" by @joshuatpearson 20x20" $250 local/ $300 shipped in the USA #beastmode #seminoleheights #goodtimes (at Workspace)

"Harness Intensity" by @joshuatpearson 20x20" $250 local/ $300 shipped in the USA #beastmode #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

"Charge Hard" by @joshuatpearson 20x20" $250 local pickup/ $300 delivered anywhere in the USA! #beastmode #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

Good times with the kids from Belmont Heights and @joshuatpearson It’s always fun getting kids involved and introduced to new things… (at Workspace)

The work for “BOXED” has already started coming in… The work is looking fantastic! Can’t wait for this show! #boxed #seminoleheights #oneyear #goodtimes (at Workspace)