@grandpagus tightening up the front of the gallery. Shows looking good for sure… #seminoleheights #slowyourroll #sunburn (at Workspace)

Crazy how fast this year is moving… Here’s a little info for our May show… Looking forward to it! #paradisecity #seminoleheights #workspace (at Workspace)

Studio screen shot with @grandpagus these pieces are looking right and tight… #getyourmindright #slowyouroll #seminoleheights  (at Workspace)

We’re prepping for this Saturdays show with @grandpagus got some more real estate on one of the walls now too… See you Saturday! #slowyourroll #seminoleheights goodtimes (at Workspace)

Regram from @grandpagus ! We got a sneak peak this weekend of the new work for “Slow Your Roll” can’t wait for Saturday… Wouldn’t be surprised if this show sells out… Opening night is this coming Saturday… Bring a friend and let’s have some fun! #seminoleheights #goodtimes #tampaworkspace #slowyourroll

4/19/14 - “Slow Your Roll” by Angus Shafer. Don’t be dumb, come see this show. Photo by @harbrco  (at Workspace)

Huge thanks to everyone who came out for the second First Fridays! Tampa kills it! See you tomorrow for “Better Together” with the kids from CPS! Well be open from 6-9pm! (at Workspace)

Live on set with @harbrco and @grandpagus getting some footage for this intro to “Slow Your Roll” See you in a couple weeks for this one… Looking forward to all the friends coming down fo sho…#slowyourroll #burnsonhunch #goodtimes #seminoleheights

This Saturday were giving back to the kids and will be featuring art from the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from Corbett Preparatory at Workspace. This is a one night only event so if you’re in the neighborhood, come on out and support the kids! (at Workspace)

This Friday is First Fridays in Seminole Heights. Friday is your last chance to come by and check out anything from @luredesign well be open from 6-10pm! If you bought framed prints, pick up is this Friday as well! Thanks everyone for the support… (at Workspace)

Studio view. Live on set getting footage for @grandpagus show “Slow Your Roll” on 4/19/14. #seminoleheights #slowyourroll #tampaworkspace #cantstopwontstop

Day two of the @luredesign pop-up has begun! Come by if you couldn’t make it out yesterday, well be here til 6pm…  (at Workspace)

Live print demo with @luredesign !  (at Workspace)